Chesapeake Bay Trust

Win Kelly Chevrolet Buick GMC supports the Chesapeake Bay Trust, in fact we are a “Dealer of the Bay” this month!

What is the Chesapeake Bay Trust? They partner with locals to promote environmental stewardship through restoration, education, and community engagement. Through their work, the Trust has a measurable impact in building environmental stewards committed to improving the environmental health of the local communities and the Chesapeake Bay.

One of the ways the Chesapeake Bay Trust raises money is by selling the “Treasure the Chesapeake” license plate.

baynewThe MVA offers two different background scene plates – the Chesapeake Bay Plate and the Agricultural Plate. The following vehicles are eligible to purchase these plates:

Eligible Vehicles

  • Class A, passenger cars
  • Class M, multi-purpose vehicle
  • Class EFT, (Agricultural plate only)
  • Class EPO, trucks up to 1 ton (up to 26,000 lbs.)
  • Class G, trailer

Vehicles with plates for individuals with disabilities or personalized plates can obtain Chesapeake Bay or Agricultural Plates. Seven character personalized plates will not include the blue heron.

For the past two years, Bay plate purchases have helped plant over one million oysters in the Chesapeake Bay. Oysters are important to the health and restoration of the Chesapeake Bay because they are natural filters that clean the water of pollutants and provide habitat for other important marine life to grow.

Stop buy Win Kelly to learn more… or buy a plate today online, it can be one of your good deeds for 2013!

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