TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco is one of the most anticipated technology conferences of the year, with startups, developers and influential tech speakers coming together to learn, collaborate and compete. At this year’s event, Chevrolet will offer developers the opportunity to create apps that may influence the evolution of the driving experience.
Twenty-six teams took on the challenge to create in-vehicle or remote applications using the intuitive Chevrolet APIs (application programming interface) and SDK (software development kit). Fueled by free pizza, energy drinks and the promise of a $2,500 cash prize, the teams had just 24 hours to concept and code an entirely new automotive application.

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Engine Oil – Servicing #tips by Win Kell

Engine Oil – Servicing #tips by Win Kelly #Chevrolet Baltimore: The oil in your vehicles engine is it’s life’s blood. Auto manufacturers recommend oil changes by time or mileage. The intervals between oil change can vary considering how often or how much you drive your car truck. Common recommendations are around three months or three thousand miles. Changing your oil, in accordance with manufacturers recommended time and mileage schedules will help keep your car or truck running smoothly and reliably.

Servicing your vehicle routinely, is one of the most important things you can do to maintain your car’s reliability. Statistics show that car owners who stay to the manufactures suggested schedule of preventive maintenance own vehicles that run longer, are more reliable, have a more appealing appearance and, in the long run, cost less money to maintain. Everyone wants to own a car that starts and will take them where they want to go, without fail, whenever they get in it and turn the key. Win Kelly Chevrolet GMC Buick is ready to partner with you to make this want a reality. No other dealership in the greater Baltimore Maryland/Howard county area offers a better equipped service center or staffed with more highly trained service technicians that are ready and capable of maintaining your vehicle to the level of professional GMC standards. Win Kelly Chevrolet in Baltimore offers these helpful servicing tips to help you keep your car or truck running smoothly and reliably for as long as you maintain ownership.



The 2014 Buick Verano is the pinnacle of comfort and confidence. Our designers built upon a sleek exterior with 18″ multi-spoke machined-faced alloy wheels. A meticulously crafted interior features signature Buick comforts and innovative safety features. The 2014 Verano is a car truly built around you. http://ow.ly/s1RIf

A Spin In A Corvette Fulfilled A Writer’

A Spin In A Corvette Fulfilled A Writer’s Dream, And Cemented A Friendship
By Stephanie Georgopulos

I always thought my first love was Aladdin. But that was before I laid eyes on a #Chevrolet Corvette. I was 8 and nowhere near driving age, but once I saw a bright red vette pull up next to my father’s yawn-inducing beige sedan, I knew what a real car was supposed to look like. I think every kid grows up with an idea of what the perfect car should be, and from that moment on, I’d found my ideal. It was etched in exhaust—the Corvette was it.
I spent years swooning over vintage Stingrays, imagining wind blowing through my hair every time a convertible zoomed by. Once my family moved up north from the city to Rockland County, New York, where people relied on their cars rather than public transportation, I got my Corvette fix more regularly. They were everywhere—riding alongside the bus that transported me to school, racing along the freeway, parked in shopping mall lots. I was all the happier for it.

But I was never more in love with the Corvette than the day—years later—that I got to ride in one. I was new to town and had few close friends in high school. When my friend J. invited me over to her place after school, I jumped at the opportunity. Little did I know that this invitation would lead to one of the most memorable car rides of my life.
When we got to J.’s house, her father was in the garage hammering away at a woodworking project. To his left was a car with a tan cover on it. After introducing me to her father, I asked J. what was beneath the cover. Her father proudly chimed in.
“It’s my Corvette,” he said. “1967. Much older than you girls.”
I couldn’t hide my excitement. “Can I see it? Do you mind?”
Her dad stood up from his workbench, wiping his hands on his jeans. “Of course not. J., help me with the cover.”

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At Win Kelly Chevrolet Buick GMC, we bel

At Win Kelly Chevrolet Buick GMC, we believe our employees are our greatest asset. As such, we treat all employees with respect and appreciation for their contributions to the company. We believe not only in providing ongoing training, but also rewarding outstanding effort and results through bonus and commission programs.

If you would like to help bring our sales of new Chevrolets in Clarksville and USED BUICKS IN BALTIMORE to the next level, please take a look at our open positions and contact us via phone or email. Our GMC dealership in Clarksville is always looking for hard-working and exceptional people to add to our employee lineup. We are an equal opportunity employer.

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